From day one we are driven one single dream: to create a better way for people to interact with spaces and the objects within them, enabling our surroundings to empower, serve and and help us experience more.
verb. " an ongoing process of making things whole"
We are driven by human experience
We build the change we want to see in the world
We embrace and encourage evolution
We are our toughest crowd. If we build products we would not use ourselves, we erase everything and start over. It just so happens that makes products others fall in love with as well.
As soon as anything becomes norm, we challenge it. From tools to thinking patterns, we are relentless in replacing the old ways of getting things done with the new. Change is good.
We obsess over what humans really want, not say they want. We focus on outcomes first and the means of getting there second. We subdue technology to humans and not the other way around.
We seek the self taught and the insatiably curious
Holofy is an environment that encourages
efficiency over burnouts, agility over dogmatic process, and good compensations over masked frugality. We are hiring for the following roles:
Midweight Android Developer
Full Stack Engineer
Head of Marketing
UX Designer
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